Training Center

We built our training facility at the CSI Water Training Center to help us learn from our customers, and to provide a top-notch environment for equipping water treatment dealers and technicians with the latest innovations and knowledge of water technologies.

To be a certified CSI Water technician, you must attend the Platinum Certification Program at our Training Center. After completing the session, each technician is fully equipped with the skills to service and install the entire line of CSI Water products.

We’re committed to investing significant amounts of time and energy to ensure that our dealers are knowledgeable about not only our products, but also water treatment issues and technologies, in general.

Reasons to Educate:

  • Ensure the correct equipment is chosen for the application
  • Ensure the proper sizing of the equipment
  • Make the customer comfortable with the capabilities and functions of our products
  • Learn proper maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing of equipment

Training Curriculum Includes:

  • Basic water chemistry
  • Common water problems
  • Water analysis
  • Equipment application/ operation
  • Equipment sizing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment troubleshooting/ service
  • Sales training