HydroxR™ with "WS" Series Control Valves


  • Combines Aggressive Pressurized Aeration with the Oxidation Power of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Treats extreme levels of Iron, Manganese & Sulfur
  • Disinfection Properties to Treat Iron, Manganese & Sulfur Bacteria
  • Catalog Systems to 200 gpm
  • Aeration Manifold Assembly Machined from Solid PVC Barstock
  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 125 psi / 110°F
  • Clack™ Control Valves
  • Ports on Aeration Manifold, for optional chemical injection
  • Automatich Self-Regulating Air Volume Control
  • Filter-Ag Plus® Filter Media
  • No Raw Water Bypass
  • Chemical Feed Pump and Solution Tank
  • Electronic Control Valves
  • Includes 5 Gallons of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Available in four different configurations