Premium Side Mount

Signature 3™ Control Valve
Legacy View Bluetooth enabled control valve for advanced diagnostics and simplified set up through the app
• Simple 9-volt battery back-up keeps electronic meter active and will motor control valve to shut off position if in regeneration during power failure
• Includes meter to provide water usage history
• Adjustable cycle times
• Proprietary two valve bypass with 1” MNPT Connections
• High Flow 1” distributor
• Includes gravel bed
• Top cap fill opening for ease of service / great for adding neutralizer media or replacing carbon media
• Standard natural color tank allows you to monitor media level
• Compatible with any type of well pump system
• Drain valve included to remove water from the tank prior to adding media

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Filter Media Capacity (cu. ft.)  1.5 / 2.5

Service Flow Rate (maximum capacity) 7 / 10

Backwash Flow Rate 5.0 / 7.0

Space Required 10 X 21 X 61 / 13 X 24 X 61

Approximate Shipping Weight 65 / 105

CSI Premium Side Mount – Sales Sheet

Signature 3 Premium Side Mount Backwashing Filter Valve, Installation and Operation